Thomas DeLauer

thomas delauerThomas DeLauer is a highly respected fitness and nutrition expert who has gained world wide fame in his field.

He has been featured on Muscle & Performance, Men’s Fitness, Reddit, Ironman, Natural Muscle, and Muscle & Fitness just to name a few.

Thomas DeLauer is an expert regarding intermittent fasting, and developing highly effective programs to get men ripped six pack abs. He created OptimizeCEO, and his corporate wellness company helps the busiest people throughout the world attain the best possible mental health, business performance, and get in top physical shape while ignoring myths about fasting.

His work has been featured in numerous mainstream publications, and is highly visible on the internet. Thomas’s most recent and popular work is his brand new Science Based Six Pack program.

Thomas DeLauer excels as a performance coach, and personal trainer. He has found the correct balance between brain, body, family, and business. He teaches individuals how to harness the skills they have in business so the body can be optimized. He has a lot of justifiable pride in what he does, and in the success of the people around him. He manages to tap into all the levels of discipline responsible for the success of one of life’s aspects. Then he correlates this with life’s other aspects, including business.

Thomas DeLauer’s Story

Thomas DeLauer is a renowned American athlete and a businessman. He has over the years built himself a remarkable name in the health and fitness industry. His passion in this field started way back in Italy where he was studying art history. At a tender age of 12 years, he was marveled at the pictures of male models, and indeed he eventually chose that exact path to follow in life.

Divided on whether to choose fitness or dive into the business world, Thomas Delauer just like any other average person decided to move into entrepreneurship in his early 20s and abandoned his exercising routine. After a few years of unhealthy meal habits, he became overweight, and that’s when he realized that he needed to get back to the gym to regain his physique. Immediately after gaining it, he decided to combine both his entrepreneurial and fitness passion into a new business. Today, Thomas DeLauer has grown to be a highly respected personal trainer famous for his ShredFast workout that can be done at home using the principles of time under tension. Thomas is also very well known for advocating intermittent fasting in the health and fitness industry.

Thomas Delauer has made many strides in the market. Besides being a fitness trainer, he is an author on inflammatory processes inside the body. He has written for many distinguished magazines, and as a model, he has appeared on many magazine covers.

Thomas Delauer was also a rugby player during his high school days. His skills were unmatched in the field, so he decided to go for another challenge. From here, he chose running. He excelled in running, but he was still not entirely satisfied, so he eventually went back to fitness, a place where he indeed belongs.

He has received many accolades, and in 2012 he won the trainer of the year and recruiter of the year awards. Thomas Delauer has become a sensation on the internet where he runs one of the most subscribed health and fitness YouTube channel. Through his website and the channel, he offers to advise to many people around the world on ways of maintaining six pack abs.

One major thing that sets Thomas’s philosophy apart from many other nutrition and exercise methodologies that are marketed to younger men is the fact that his program offers men long term health benefits in additional to the immediate and tangible short term visual health benefits.

Thomas DeLauer – Author of Science Based Six Pack

Most recently, Thomas has shifted his focus into creating his Science Based Six Pack system that integrates a combination of intermittent fasting, recipes, nutrition, and exercise to help men get six pack abs.

The method he teaches in the Science Based Six Pack course is based on scientific data and research and what he personally used to make his own dramatic body transformation. Average men who have joined the Science Based Six Pack test group have verified the system to be simple and effective for helping men burn body fat and get six pack abs.

science based six pack thomas delauer

Thomas DeLauer understands the importance of finding the right balance between life, work, exercise, and nutrition. He has learned this is an integral part of living a happy life. As a top performer, he also understands the concept of balance can be difficult at times.

Thomas provides his clients with the encouragement and knowledge necessary so their views about balance can be reestablished. He makes them realize balance will not force them to lower their work ethic to the other parts of their life, but will instead bring these other areas up to the right levels of focus, and discipline. This is about making their life’s best areas better, tapping into optimization, and improving performance and health.