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If you’re fasting with the Science Based Six Pack program and you don’t want to lose muscle mass it’s important that you understand that doing excessive cardio and lifting heavy weights frequently is not a good idea.

To gain muscle while using Thomas DeLauer’s intermittent fasting plan, you’d be wise take advantage of the ShredFast workouts that utilize something known as Time Under Tension, which is also commonly referenced as “TUT”.

Shredfast workouts from science based six pack

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The Science behind Time Under Tension ShredFast Workouts

Time Under Tension has to do with the amount of time the muscle or muscles are actually experiencing resistance from a dumbbell, or even just your body weight.

Time Under Tension can be broken down and divided up into the following three stages:

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  • Concentric
  • Concentric happens when the weight is first lifted. For example, when a curl is done it is the upward movement part of the curl.

  • Isometric
  • Isometric is anytime during a lift you are flexing your muscle, but not actually moving the weight in any direction.

    An example of an isometric hold would be when you reach the top of the curl and hold it there for a couple of seconds, or if you pause in the middle of the concentric motion and hold the weight in an isolated position while maintaining tension on the bicep muscle.

  • Eccentric
  • Eccentric is the opposite of the concentric motion, it’s when you lower the weight.

The “Time under tension” of any repetition of a lift is the total time it takes to complete these full three phases for any given rep.

To find the total TUT of any set, you’d multiply the previously calculated time by the number of reps you’ve completed in a set.

Benefits of the ShredFast Science Based Six Pack Workouts

Ultimately the goal of TUT is to take advantage of workouts that don’t require heavy weights while getting the same benefits (if not even better) than lifting very heavy weights at the gym.

Thomas DeLauer advocates the use of Time Under Tension in his ShredFast workout course that is included with Science Based Six Pack for many reasons. This takes away stress from the joints, isolates the muscle you want to exercise and it is less taxing on the nervous system.

One of the main benefits of using the ShredFast workouts is quicker recovery time for muscle, which allows you to workout more frequently without constant muscle soreness and general symptoms of fatigue.

The next step in the Time Under Tension workouts in the ShredFast workout course is to make sure you involve as much movement of the body as possible. These multi-joint movements are called compound exercises.

The science behind the TUT workouts in the ShredFast course is simple. Using compound workouts that utilize the principle of time under tension force the body boost it’s endocrine system and burn more fat and build more muscle without heavily taxing your joints and nervous system.

It will get the lymph system active, which is crucial for burning fat, which in turn promotes muscle development substantially.

Combining time under tension exercises from the ShredFast workout course along with the Science Based Six Pack system is a recipe for a win-win situation.

You can visit the official homepage to learn more about Thomas Delauer’s time under tension workouts and what videos and PDF’s are included with the system to make sure you complete the exercises properly.

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