Science Based Six Pack Recipes

Thomas DeLauer runs one of the most popular YouTube fitness channels surrounding low-carb diets and exercise routines. He is also the founder and creator of Science Based Six Pack, a diet and exercise program aimed at burning fat and building muscle by eating certain meals and recipes within a particular time frame.

As a personal testament to the potential of his advice, DeLauer has lost 100 pounds leveraging low-carb diets and fasted states. In addition to DeLauer himself, there are countless personal success stories that can be found all around the internet revealing the potential of the Science Based Six Pack recipes in his fat loss program. 

science based six pack recipes

Science Based Six Pack is built around intermittent fasting. Unlike many other restrictive diets, intermittent fasting is more flexible and arguably more enjoyable. During Thomas’s proposed method of fasting, an individual will forgo eating anything until the evening. This time will begin an eight hour eating window in which almost anything can be consumed. In fact, the program recommends eating calorie-dense Science Based Six Pack recipes and large meals. For this reason, intermittent fasting does not require you to skip out on your favorite foods or eat in small quantities. 

The research behind the Science Based Six Pack recipes shows that enhanced fat burning that can be accomplished during a fasted state. In other words, our bodies are able to begin burning fat reserves that would not be reached if we weren’t in a fasted state. Unlike other diets however, users can still eat their full allotment of calories. The main difference is the time at which these recipes and meals are consumed. To learn more about the fasting windows and how they shift over the course of the 90 day program you can see information about how it works here.

Thomas DeLauer has created Science Based Six Pack to be more than just another generic cookie-cutter intermittent fasting plan. He has incorporated specific exercise routines in his ShredFast workout course that will help in the fat-burning process and will even build muscle along the way. Instead of just another diet or health fad, DeLauer believes the science behind this diet program makes it a top candidate for any man looking to lose fat, begin living a healthy lifestyle, and get six pack abs quickly.

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science based six pack abs