How Does Science Based Six Pack Work?

Before you start to worry too much about other components of Science Based Six Pack, let’s first take a moment to understand the three phases of the program and how it’s designed to get you fat loss results.

To make the program simple to follow, Thomas DeLauer has divided the program up into 3 separate phases that each last 30 days.

how does science based six pack work

PHASE 1: The Meta Shift

For the initial thirty days of the Science Based Six Pack, you will only fast 3 days each week. On the days you chose to fast, the fasting period will be 16 hours and the eating period will be 8 hours.

The intention of the Meta Shift phase is to ease your body into a new way of eating and allow your body to become metabolically efficient while adapting to fasting. This will allow you to make a shift without sacrificing muscle loss nor causing any damage to your metabolism.

PHASE 2: The Meta Burn

During the second 30 day period of Science Based Six Pack, you will intermittent fast 4 days each week. On your fasting days, your fasting/eating period will be the same as the first phase – 16 hours fasted and 8 hours of eating.

During the The Meta Burn phase of the program you’ll experience a large influx of physical and mental benefits from fasting now that you’ve already “shifted your metabolism” in Phase 1.

At this point your metabolism has been fully shifted, so you’ll be able to start including more carbohydrates in your “Fast Break Mini Meals” to further enhance the responsiveness of your bodies ability to burn fat. You’ll learn more about this in the Fast Break Strategy component of Science Based Six Pack.

Men who make it all the way through phase two of the system will likely have developed an understanding of the true importance of nutrition and fasting. From the experience and knowledge acquired at this point it is likely that the impact of the program has been strong enough for men to develop lifelong nutrition habits that can lead to significant long term health benefits that will help increase quality of life not only for the short term, but well into the golden years as well.

does science based six pack work

PHASE 3: The Meta Keto

During the final month of the Science Based Six Pack, you’ll begin to fast 5 days every week.

For the first time in the program, tour fasting period and eating period will be different than the previous 60 days of the program. Now you’ll spend 18 hours of the day fasting, and you’ll enjoy 6 hours of straight up feasting.

This new feeding window of just 6 hours will encourage significant fat loss results.

During the final Meta Keto phase you’ll increase your fat intake and decrease your carbohydrates so that your body becomes “fat-adapted” or ketogenic.

When you reach the Meta Keto phase of Science Based Six Pack your body will be in it’s preferred state to incinerating fat around the clock.

You can watch Thomas DeLauer explain how Science Based Six Pack works and the three phases of the system if you click the button below.

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