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Using Thomas Delauer’s Science Based Six Pack program any man or woman can get ripped six pack abs.

When you click the button below you’ll learn more about Thomas Delauer’s transformation and how he learned to apply the best known science to his nutrition and exercise to get in the best shape of his life.

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What’s Included in Science Based Six Pack?

As you’re sitting on this page making a decision to get started with Science Based Six Pack today, you’re probably wondering exactly what’s included in Thomas DeLauer’s system and whether or not there are any bonuses or guarantees included with your purchase.

When you join Science Based Six Pack today, here’s what you’ll get instantly:

  • The 5 “Master” Fasting Course video tutorials.
  • science based six pack fasting courseThese 5 videos will be the starting point of your fat loss transformation.

    You’ll learn the science based techniques that force your body to enter a state of peak fat burning while simultaneously keeping the muscle buried beneath body fat.

    In these videos Thomas DeLauer will teach you his personal tips and trick to eliminate cravings and boost the benefits you’ll get from intermittent fasting.

  • The Master Fasting course e-book.
  • science based six pack ebook pdfThe Master Fasting Course includes over 10 different recipes and deserts you can eat to break your fast.

    You’ll learn about delicious meal combinations and snacks you can eat while not sabotaging your fat loss transformation.

  • Two Intermittent Fasting Diet plans.
  • When you begin the Science Based Six Pack program you’ll chose either the The Base Track or The Fast Track depending on your current level of fitness and nutrition experience.

    science based six pack plansThe Base Track is most suitable for you if you want to get your feet wet before diving into a more precise nutrition plan. The Base Track is more flexible and it’s an excellent option for men who are “green” to the methods Thomas DeLauer introduces in his program.

    The Fast Track (which Thomas DeLauer uses personally) is ONLY for men who want accelerated fast loss results. Following the Fast Track route you’ll need to commit to a more precise macro-nutrient based nutrition plan right out of the gate.

    The Fast Track is recommended for men who have had some degree of experience with meal planning, nutrition, and dieting in the past.

The Science Based Six Pack Workouts

science based six pack shredfast workoutsIn addition to the nutrition and fasting component of the Science Based Six Pack you’ll also receive instant access to Thomas DeLauer’s ShredFast Workout Course.

The ShredFast workout course is composed of 9 total body workouts that can be done at home while following the fasting plan to maximize fat loss results.

Each of the 9 videos last about 25 minutes each, and include live demonstrations of precisely how to do the most effective workouts utilizing the principle of Time Under Tension safely at home.

There’s absolutely no need for an expensive gym membership nor do you need any gym equipment to complete these highly effective workouts at home. Thomas’s simple to follow 25 minute ShredFast Time Under Tension workouts ensure that you maximize glycogen depletion and burn more fat than the old school methods of counting reps and sets.

science based six pack workouts

The ShredFast Time Under Tension workouts are not only scientifically proven to be more time efficient than counting reps and sets, but they’re also more effective for burning fat, increasing your metabolic rate, and ultimately helping you get six pack abs while also making sure you don’t waste time and money on unnecessary trips to the gym.

Science Based Six Pack Supplement Stack (limited time bonus)

On top of the Master Fasting Course and ShredFast Workout Course, men who join Science Based Six Pack will also receive a special one time bonus (for a limited time only) consisting of the BioHack Box Set which includes three of the most powerful fast-acting supplements to amplify your fat loss results.

science based six pack supplements

The three supplements included in the BioHack Box are

  • Alpha Meal (Normal price: $67.00)
  • science based six pack free supplement 1Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s no question that you understand the importance of protein for building muscle and burning fat.

    Protein is one of the key building blocks of life, and without it your body simply won’t be able to recover from exercise, or even day-to-day activity.

    If you’ve been considering adding any sort of supplement to your diet, even a personal trainer who’s barely got a clue knows that a high quality protein powder should be the very first supplement in your arsenal.

    Alpha Meal is a grass fed whey protein that contain all the amino acids your body needs to build muscle and refuel from the ShredFast workouts or any other exercise you choose to participate in.

    Not only is Alpha Meal packed with the high quality protein your body needs to recover, it’s also tasty and it’s an excellent way to make healthy and cost efficient snacks rather than eating junk food.

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  • Alpha Armor (Normal price: $67.00)
  • science based six pack free supplement 2The human body needs a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to function at it’s most optimal level.

    Nourishing the body by eating foods that contain these nutrients is unquestionably the best way to get these vitamins and minerals; however, with the busy lives we live it’s too easy to become deficient in one or more vitamins and minerals.

    This is why many doctors, physicians, and nutritionists recommend that all men consume a multivitamin daily to compensate for any potential vitamin or mineral deficiency.

    Alpha Armor is a multivitamin and mineral formula you can take with your first meal of the day to help ensure you get all of the essential nutrients your body needs to function optimally.

  • Men’s Elite Krill Oil (Normal price: $67.00)
  • science based six pack free supplement 3Scientific data has long supported the effectiveness of omega-3’s for a long list of health benefits, but only in recent years has it become well known that Krill Oil is actually much healthier than general fish oil.

    Krill oil has been shown to increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol much more effectively than fish oil. Krill oil is also much more effective at reducing joint pain than than fish oil.

    Men’s Elite Krill Oil is a burp-free and small capsule you can take daily with your first meal to optimize your overall wellness and fat loss results.

    Thomas DeLauer explains more benefits of using Krill Oil and how it helps the body more effectively burn fat in the video on the next page.

These three supplements alone are worth more than the entire full retail price of Science Based Six Pack, but for a limited time you’ll get all of these result-boosting supplements for free when you join Thomas DeLauer’s scientifically proven fasting system.

The Science Based Six Pack Price

Normally the Science Based Six Pack retails for $297, but for a limited time Thomas DeLauer is offering his program at a substantially discounted price.

Click the “get started today” button to see if you qualify for the 67% discount price.

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Science Based Six Pack 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

science based six pack guaranteeTo put the icing on the cake, all men who join the program are automatically given a 60 day 100% money back guarantee for the entire product.

While it’s highly unlikely, if there’s any reason what-so-ever you decide you don’t absolutely love the results you get using Science Based Six Pack you can simply click the refund button to take advantage of the risk-free money-back guarantee you’re entitled to when you sign up, and you’ll automatically get your money back instantly, and you don’t even need to ship anything back.

Aside from the belly fat covering your six pack abs, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain from Thomas DeLauer’s scientifically proven fasting system.

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